Ashleigh Russell, Administrative Assistant

 [email protected]

What does Ashleigh do for FPIN?

My primary responsibility at FPIN is to support our Membership & Writing Project Departments and our Executive Director with administrative functions to allow our team to focus on more advanced responsibilities.  This can include a broad variety of tasks on any given day.  However, there are four key areas where I spend a lot of my time:  fielding email and phone inquiries from our members, scheduling meetings for the organization, overseeing organizational task completion, and special projects.  Special projects can include everything from ordering supplies for our annual conference booth, making travel arrangements for our workshop faculty presenters, and adding members to our membership platform, etc., etc.


Just before serving at FPIN, I was a senior paralegal at a law firm. I have an MBA and a BS in Journalism. I have worked in publishing, and I owned and operated an American franchise in Europe where I oversaw membership for the organization. I also completed a one-year rotation in a radiologic medical sciences program where I had the privilege to serve on the best clinical practices committee at the VA Hospital in Nashville. While the trajectory was not direct to my current role, I feel the cumulative skills and experience have led me to the membership realm at FPIN where it feels like a natural progression and even, a calling.


My passion for writing led me to my current endeavor…writing a suspense novel. I am a published author (Getting Fired Up! Amazon) and I have written for a wide array of publications, including Women Entrepreneur Magazine; Harness Magazine; Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine, A Capstone project with The University of Dallas; The Smart Set with Texas Christian University, just to name a few. Since living in the Midwest, I enjoy exploring historical trails and caverns with my daughter and mini-Schnauzer. I also partake in a wide range of wellness activities, which include goat yoga, reiki, meditation, and hiking.

Unique Skills

As an ex-pat living in Europe for 13 years, I developed a fascination with the intricacies of diverse cultures. I grew up in Australia and I try to get a yearly fix of Vegemite sandwiches and meat pies. I am raising a daughter with Asian and Spanish heritage who speaks Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Catalan, and Hebrew so I am constantly incorporating these rich traditions into our daily lives. Whether it’s an online English tea ceremony workshop or experimenting with a new recipe for dim sum to celebrate the Chinese New Year, there is always a fun learning and culinary opportunity in our household!

Fun Facts

After studying French in school, I somehow landed in Spain not knowing any Spanish (or Catalan which is spoken in Barcelona). I bought an American franchise and wellness facility. I learned to speak Spanish by teaching fitness classes and learning from my employees. I strongly value formal education, but I believe travel has enriched my life immensely and has provided rich opportunities for discovery.

What do you love most about FPIN?

I am constantly looking for a calculated challenge that will provide professional and personal growth, which is exactly what I have found at FPIN. FPIN is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, along with strong leadership which propels me to strive high in all that I do in my daily endeavors. The FPIN environment fosters a nurturing climate for professional development and critical thinking within the FPIN family, faculty, residents, and staff. It is rewarding to know that my efforts, along with those of the Board of Directors, editors, faculty, residents, librarians, and fellows, directly impact patient care, families, and the community. I am also a big fan of the office Nespresso machine!

Favorite Netflix series or movie and why?

I recently watched and enjoyed the Netflix series, Inventing Anna. I was entertained by the suspenseful elements, and I found it challenging to decipher whether the main character, Anna, was an audacious entrepreneur or a con artist.