FPIN Editorial Team

The FPIN editorial team is composed of over two-dozen family medicine physician editors with wide-ranging areas of expertise. Their primary responsibility is to edit FPIN member manuscripts for submission into The Journal of Family Practice, American Family Physician, and Evidence-Based Practice. However, the FPIN editors don’t stop there. You will also find them presenting onsite workshops at various residency programs across the country, creating curriculum for our FPIN Institute, collaborating together to improve editorial processes, and making decisions about constructing good clinical questions.


VP of Publications/Executive Editor

  • Timothy F. Mott, MD, FAAFP -  South Baldwin Regional Medical Center FMR

Founding Editor-in-Chief

  • Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH - The University of Chicago



GEMs (Good Evidence Matters)


  • Corey Lyon, DO - University of Colorado



HDAs (HelpDesk Answers)


  • Thomas Satre, MD - University of Minnesota

Deputy Editors

  • Sarah Daly, DO - Utah Valley FMR
  • James Haynes, MD - University of Tennessee
  • Matthew Hawks, MD - Nellis Family Medicine Residency
  • Elin Kondrad - St. Joseph Family Medical Residency CO 
  • Shannon Langner, MD - University of Colorado
  • Sarah Liegl, MD - University of Colorado
  • Doug Maurer, DO, MPH, FAAFP - Madigan Army Medical Center
  • Andrew McDermott, MD - Naval Hospital Pensacola
  • Laura Morris, MD - University of Missouri FP
  • David Moss, MD - Nellis Family Medicine Residency
  • Anne Mounsey, MD - University of North Carolina
  • Natasha Pyzocha, DO - Fort Carson
  • Jose Rodriguez, MD - University of Utah
  • Karlynn Sievers, MD - St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency
  • Matthew Snyder, DO, FAAFP - Nellis Family Medicine Residency
  • Jeffrey Quinlan, MD, FAAFP - Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  • Chris Vincent, MD - University of Washington



CIs (Clinical Inquiries)


  • Rick Guthmann, MD - University of Illinois at Chicago

Deputy Editor

  • Gary Kelsberg, MD - UW Medicine/Valley FMR
  • Jon Neher, MD - UW Medicine/Valley FMR

Medical Librarians 

  • Beth Auten, MSLIC - University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Alyssa Peterson, MLIS - University of Oklahoma - Tulsa



PURLs (Priority Updates from the Research Literature)


  • Dean Seehusen, MD, MPH - Medical College of Georgia - Augusta University

Deputy Editors

  • Corey Lyon, DO - University of Colorado
  • Jim Stevermer, MD, MSPH - University of Missouri
  • Shailey Prasad, MD, MPH - University of Minnesota
  • Anne Mounsey, MD - University of North Carolina
  • Jennie Jarrett, PharmD, BCPS, MMedEd - University of Illinois at Chicago



EBP (Evidence-Based Practice)


  • Jon Neher, MD - UW Medicine/Valley FMR 

Managing Editor

  • Adelina Colbert - FPIN