Laura Conlee Russell, Membership Manager & PURLs Project Manager

[email protected]

Laura, what do you do for FPIN?

I am the Membership Manager for the organization. The biggest part of this job is being an advocate for our members to ensure that all of their needs are met and suggestions are shared with our Board of Directors. In addition, I also wear the hat of the PURLs Project Manager. I work alongside the PURLs Editor-in-Chief to keep the PURLs project moving forward. I manage the workflow of our on-site article reviews, as well as the authoring and editing of PURL manuscripts to ensure each is published on time every month. I track and maintain project metrics, create the writing and editing schedule for PURL authors and deputy editors, and manage all PURLs communication.

Last, but certainly not least, I am the self-designated maker of the coffee in the FPIN office.

Tell us more about Laura and your background…

I am originally from Iowa and earned my B.A. in English from the University of Iowa. Go Hawkeyes! I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel in completing my Master’s degree at Washington University in St. Louis.

I joined the FPIN team in late summer 2016 when my family moved to Columbia from St. Louis. In St. Louis, I worked at a university where I collected and analyzed student data. My work history is full of fast-paced environments and looming deadlines. I enjoy juggling tasks and being kept on my toes and, like my father, I will always find something to do to keep me busy.

What do you do when you are not working?

I love to run. The earlier the better! I prefer to run on trails and really enjoy following both competitive road and trail races and its community of runners. As a byproduct, I collect running clothes and shoes. My goal is to complete a half marathon in 2019.

I also love doing all things with my husband and young daughter, including traveling and attending live music shows. I also love drinking great coffee, eating good food, and reading as much as I can before falling asleep at night. In between all of that I spend as much time as I can spoiling our two cats, Marcos and Oscar.

Everyone has unique skills, what are yours?

I can sew but don't do it much anymore. I'm a pretty good cook and make amazing eggs and guacamole as well as some of the best homemade chicken noodle soup around.

Are there any fun facts we might enjoy learning about Laura?

Once upon a time, my dream job was to be an air traffic controller but the thought of being locked in a dark room for eight hours a day had me rethink that career goal.

I am also an animal lover who prefers animal Instagram feeds to television, speaks to wildlife I come across while on trails, and pets any animal that will allow me to given the chance. If I didn’t love living in an urban area so much I would acquire land to house and care for as many furry creatures as possible.


I enjoy the discussions being had on the PURLs listserv. As a bystander to the research studies being discussed, I love to watch the interaction between our physicians and the thoughtful responses that come out of debating whether a certain article is worth their time to review closer. To me it shows what good hands the discipline of family medicine are in and makes me look forward to what is to come.

Last, but not least, what is your NetFlix series or movie and why?

I'm not a television watcher and am generally left out when conversation turns to Netflix series or movies. However, when I do sit down to watch tv I prefer comedy specials, independent movies, or documentaries. But really I'd rather read a book!