Sondra Betz, HDA Project Manager

[email protected]

What does Sondra do for FPIN?

I am the HelpDesk Answers Project Manager.  I am accountable for communicating with the physician authors, local editors, deputy editors and Editors-in-Chief to create a quality manuscript.   I assist members with our Editorial Management System and keep learning materials up to date and accurate on our webpage.   I want everyone to have a good experience and success in the HDA writing project.  Part of my duties is to communicate policies and expectations and make sure everyone adheres to them.  I manage many reports to stay on top of the many deadlines associated with the project. 


I have owned several businesses and have been in sales prior to coming to FPIN.  My favorite job is being the mother of my 3 beautiful daughters.  I can balance quite a few tasks at one time.  I like to look at project, determine how to make it work better and more efficiently.  I pride myself on organization, doing the best job I can and with a positive attitude.  Life is short, I try to make the most of it .


I like to go to the gym, lift weights and run. I love to be outside.  I like most sports and enjoy listening to all types of live music. One of my favorite things to do is put my helmet on and take a ride on my Harley.

Unique Skills

I am very handy.  I can fix quite a few things and if it requires power tools I am all in.  I painted exterior homes for a year.  I remodeled my house and did as much of the work as I could.  I like to think I can do anything.

Fun Facts

I love to travel.  Last big trip I went on was to New Zealand and Australia for 3 weeks. I have a hard time sitting still.  I like to read at the beach or pool to relax.  I like to keep busy and I like having fun.  I am adventurous and will try anything once.

What do you love most about FPIN?

I love the passion of the many doctors I have met along the way and the staff at FPIN.  They truly have a heart for teaching EBM and creating an educational environment to build the best doctors for the future.

Favorite Netflix series or movie and why?

My favorite series is Breaking Bad.  I think the writers and actors were brilliant.  The show kept me wanting more and unable to predict what would happen next.  My most recent favorite is The Handmaid's Tale