Sondra Betz, HDA Project Manager

[email protected]

What does Sondra do for FPIN?

I am the Managing Editor of Evidence-Based Practice. I am also a Project Manager for HelpDesk Answers and PURLs.  I assist members and editors throughout the project process from question selection to publication.  I also keep all documents updated on the website and assist with any issues involving our editorial management system.  It is important to me that everyone adheres to their deadlines and has a good experience in the writing project.


I have owned several businesses and have been in sales prior to coming to FPIN.  My favorite job is being the mother of my 3 beautiful daughters.  I can balance quite a few tasks at one time.  I like to look at project, determine how to make it work better and more efficiently.  I pride myself on organization, doing the best job I can and with a positive attitude.  Life is short, I try to make the most of it .


I recently starting golfing and have been enjoying it.  I love sports especially my back to back Stanley Cup Champs the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Let’s see if the Buccaneers can do the same!  I love all kinds of music especially live.

Unique Skills

I am very handy.  I can fix quite a few things and if it requires power tools I am all in.  I painted exterior homes for a year.  I remodeled my house and did as much of the work as I could.  I like to think I can do anything.

Fun Facts

During Covid, I mated my chihuahua and had “Pepper and the Pandemic Puppies”.  I love to be outside.  I love fishing and go as often as I can.  I also ride a Harley although not as much after moving to the city.

What do you love most about FPIN?

I love the passion of the many doctors I have met along the way and the staff at FPIN.  They truly have a heart for teaching EBM and creating an educational environment to build the best doctors for the future.

Favorite Netflix series or movie and why?

Current favorite is The Money Heist.  I like a good thriller packed with drama and crime.  Must keep me on the edge of my seat and be unpredictable.