Teresa Kemper, HDA Deputy Editor

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What does Teresa do for FPIN?

I am a Deputy Editor with the Help Desk Answers (HDAs) Team. As a health-related professional myself, my role as an FPIN staff editor involves working closely with the editorial group and staff to help ensure that authors have the most enriching writing and publication experience possible…from their initial manuscript submission to their final draft. As a fellow author in a health- related field, I work within FPIN to evaluate manuscripts for: accuracy of evidence, inclusion of relevant content, clarity of shared information, and precision of technical writing style.  

My opportunity to work with FPIN initially appeared “out of the blue” or “fell from the sky,” after I began an internal quest of seeking to apply my natural gifts in linguistics, the written word, and “nit-pickiness” within a community of like-minded people…in other words, to work in publishing! When one puts their hopes and dreams out there with a vision, that intention is rewarded…we often aren’t quite sure in what way, but the journey and surprises along the path are what makes life exciting and rich. Finding FPIN has enabled me to experience the joy that results from intentional living and mindful actions, reinforcing my belief that one’s dreams are always within reach. 

Serving as your editor is my pleasure and fulfills my lifelong ambition of contributing to the dissemination of knowledge.


I graduated with a MA in Speech-Language Pathology from San Diego State University, during which time I began specific training in interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders. My work has evolved over the past 23 years.

I have practiced in a variety of settings. I have also served as faculty in the departments of Communication Disorders and Special Education at the University of Central Missouri since 2008, teaching graduate courses in language development/disorders, diagnostic principles, clinical practicum/interventions, clinical research, and neuro-psychology. Currently, I own a private practice. My clinical setting provides intensive intervention for the pediatric population, specifically patients experiencing communication deficits related to complex medical conditions, including: syndromes, craniofacial deformities, neurological impairments, severe motor-speech disorders, and autism. 

I enjoy speaking locally and nationally on the topics of communication and social-cognitive-linguistics at professional conferences, and most recently, co-authored a therapy manual on evidence-based teaching strategies related to autism and cognitive-linguistic deficits.


With five active and unique children, opportunities to unwind and focus specifically on myself is somewhat rare, but I do try to make that a priority. I love a leisurely lunch gazing at a Kansas City fountain, exploring a botanical garden, wandering an art museum, napping in a hammock under a shade tree on a sunny day, and curling up with an intriguing book from my overflowing shelves. Weekends are filled with sports, family dinners, gazing into a fire pit with a glass of wine, or walking around in the pasture at sunset surrounded by my horses.  

Unique Skills

Hmmm, that’s a tough one! Maybe I could describe that better by listing some of my oddities and freaky interests. My most interesting unique “skill”…I love to CLEAN and have an obsession with doing perfect laundry...getting tough stains out of football uniforms and cleaning out the fridge is strangely satisfying. In addition to my love of writing, I also like to collect office supplies (pretty papers, fabulous pens, unique journals, and colorful clips are exciting!) 

Fun Facts

When I was a child, I wanted to own a “rock museum” and would dig for hours looking for fossils. No museum has transpired (yet…), but I do continue to love exploring geology and have acquired a nice collection of large rocks, gemstones, and crystals, which are displayed around my home and office. I also love to travel and explore the world and other cultures as much as possible…I have lived in Austria, explored central Europe and Asia, and have two daughters who were born in China.

What do you love most about FPIN?

FPIN is a refreshing blend of magnificent people, abundant knowledge, high-quality productivity, and a progressive vision for publishing excellence. I have worked in many different settings and have never experienced an organization that values, appreciates, and affirms its people from within quite like FPIN does. It is a wonderful feeling.  

Favorite Netflix series or movie and why?

I can barely sit still long enough to watch a movie…my mind is either too active, or I am more interested in my own imagination! However, I do love a great children’s cartoon movie, which are quite full of fun, bright characters, wit, and brilliant language/thoughts connected to the human experience. Overall, I am more of a reader, and seek the classics or modern best-selling titles which delve deep into rich characters and complicated plots…all experienced with the turn of the page, at my own pace.