Family Physicians Inquiries Network

The FPIN family would like to wish you and yours a happy & healthy holiday season!  Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day our office will have limited phone support.  If you need to talk to a team member you can reach us by calling 573-256-2066 between the hours of 10:30-4:30 PM Central time Monday-Friday until December 17.  We will not be offering any phone support for the last two weeks of the year.  However, members can still email [email protected] to receive electronic mail support.  


FPIN envisions a primary care workforce that thinks critically, communicates expertly, and utilizes the best current evidence to improve the health of patients.


FPIN provides quality education and professional development for primary care clinicians to practice evidence-based medicine and produce scholarship.


We value… Answering the most important questions in primary care with the best and most current evidence.
We value… Caring for our community members with respect and contributing to their professional growth.
We value… Service that is so remarkable and rare that people can’t help but talk about us

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