Amberlin Dupre, Operations & HR Coordinator

[email protected]

What does Amberlin do for FPIN?

I wear many hats here at FPIN and take pride in my ability to manage a diverse array of projects simultaneously. I am involved in every area of our organization, in one way or another. However, the bulk of my duties involves accounting, invoicing, human resources, and special projects. I enjoy being able to anticipate, reduce, and confront challenges that may arise in various projects. Like most of the roles at FPIN, aspects of my job require rigorous attention to detail.  However, it is the parts of my job that align with the big picture to ensure we are positively impacting family medicine that I love most.

I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with my position. My experience at FPIN has strengthened my ability to think critically and strategically, adapt to ever-shifting endeavors, multi-task, and meet the needs of our clinicians and staff. You can often find me putting fires out, tracking expenses to ensure we meet our budgets, finding and organizing resources for various projects, and supporting members with the processing of their annual dues.


I previously worked in a finance role offering home mortgages to veterans. However, I am nearing the completion of my first Psychology degree and hope to be accepted into a graduate program in the winter. I am passionate about organizational psychology, personality theory, and behavioral health. I am working to obtain the skills needed to apply my knowledge and experience toward academic research


I love playing chess, though I am truly TERRIBLE at it. I also enjoy true crime podcasts, walking my dogs Janice & Gerard, painting, and crafting plans for world domination (just kidding, I also thoroughly enjoy witty humor).

Unique Skills

I am masterful at crisis management and humor.  I also have a secret aspiration to become a stand-up comedian, talk show host, or competitive eater.

Fun Facts

In July of 2019, I completed a half marathon in Chicago. The heat index was 112 degrees! I started volunteering for FPIN when I was 12 years old and continued to volunteer and intern for the organization for nearly 10 years before being offered a full-time role.

What do you love most about FPIN?

I love serving an organization that nurtures the unique strengths of each individual, thinks critically about problems, and tests innovative solutions to further our mission. FPIN cares deeply about every member, volunteer physician, intern, residency program, and staff team member.  FPIN knows that what cannot be done alone can be done together.

Favorite Netflix series or movie and why?

Black Mirror. As a psychology student, I enjoy documentaries and series that challenge traditional thought and analyze human behavior. Each episode stands alone to paint a dystopian picture of how modern technology collides with the human condition to produce social deterioration. The cinematography combined with themes that elicit both an emotional and intellectual response always keep me on the edge of my seat and “jonesing” for the next season.