GEMs of the Week

FPIN is proud to bring you Good Evidence Matters (GEMs), a series that provides reviews of new and relevant original research publications for primary care providers. Studies are critically appraised and summarized by authors in order to provide valuable new information that can be easily consumed and shared. GEMs summaries include clear key takeaways along with transparent and to-the-point summarization of its methods, results, level of evidence, and any bias or limitation. GEMs are the perfect read for busy clinicians to keep up with current research.

To find your GEM, please download this searchable GEMs of the Week Database. This database is searchable by author name, title, and program. The database can also be filtered by program, so you may see all the publications from your program. The final column contains the volume and issue of the GEM with a hyperlink to the article. If you have questions about using this database, please reach out to the GEMs Project Coordinator at [email protected]

Below are PDF links to the GEMs of the Week emails. 

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