Get Started with a Workshop


Looking for a way to implement HelpDesk Answers faster and more effectively?


What does the onsite writing workshop include?

  • Half day (4.5 hours) of facilitated writing groups conducted onsite at your residency program
  • Experienced faculty presenter providing step-by-step guidance
  • Custom curriculum, focusing on faculty mentoring and/or resident writing
  • Completed literature search for each group, limiting the program's workshop preparation time 
  • Time management & implementation: Teaching tried-and-true techniques from across the consortium
  • Most participants will be at least 50-60% complete with their first draft by the end of the workshop!
  • Cost starts at $5,500

How can your program benefit from an onsite workshop?

A HelpDesk Answers workshop focuses on teaching authors how to answer a clinical question based upon the best and most current evidence. Our faculty presenters walk authors through the HDA writing process in a systematic, step-by-step process. Through an experiential learning process authors learn how to critically appraise the literature and write a manuscript in the HDA style.

Who teaches the onsite workshop?

The FPIN faculty presenters teaching our workshops are experienced HelpDesk Answers authors and editors. Our presenters have written HelpDesk Answers manuscripts on their own and with their program faculty and residents. Most presenters are also deputy editors for the HelpDesk Answers writing project at FPIN, which means they are experienced at reviewing and editing manuscripts. At an FPIN workshop, authors will receive outstanding leadership and guidance from faculty presenters who know the challenges of finding time for scholarly activity and have successfully integrated the HDA writing process in their own programs.