What is a MET Review?

FPIN's Managing Editor Team (MET) Review utilizes the MET Checklist to ensure the minimum HDA quality standards have been met to proceed in the publication process and give the author team input.  It is important to note that this is NOT a comprehensive editorial review.  The main objective is to accept or reject the manuscript to continue along the publication process.  Therefore, author teams should be prepared to address additional concepts once they receive the next revision request from their Deputy Editor (which generally comes 3-4 months later).

What is the purpose of the MET Review? 

In an effort to get our authors more timely feedback on their submission and improve the quality of the manuscripts being submitted to reduce the number of revisions. However, in order for us to make these improvements, we will be requiring our authors to make changes to their manuscripts within 3 weeks IF their manuscript does not meet the minimum standard requirements outlined in the HDA Author Handbook.

How does the MET Review work?

After one of our editors completes their review there are two possible decisions that could be made at the completion of this MET review:

  1. Accepted to progress - the manuscript will be advanced to a deputy editor review.
  2. Rejected for missing critical components in the evidence summary, failing to adhere to the HDA format, or a table that requires re-engineering.  Authors will be given a checklist to show them exactly where the issues are and specifically what needs to be fixed (Example - missing the number of patients in the study in paragraph 1) and the location in the HDA handbook or FPIN Institute where they can find guidance for fixing the problem. Here is a link to the checklist. Authors will have the opportunity to resubmit their manuscript ONCE within 3 weeks.  

What if my manuscript is permanently rejected because I failed the MET review?

Authors are allowed to appeal a permanent rejection decision after the second MET review. Authors are required to complete the MET Review Appeals form (below) and clearly explain the reason for the appeal. Each form will first be reviewed by the Executive Director and subsequently by the HDA editor-in-chief. Authors will be notified within 14 days with a decision.  Appeals are only considered when there is a special circumstance that does not comply with the MET checklist and review process.

Met Review Appeals Form

Thank you for your support.  We are confident that these value-added changes will support a rewarding learning environment by providing feedback sooner.  We are also confident that it will expedite the publication process.


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