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A Letter from FPIN's Executive Editor

Happy Spring!

On behalf of FPIN, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for your support.  We appreciate those who have participated in this year’s membership survey.  I want you to know that I read each and every survey that is submitted.  This information is always valued and shared with our Board of Directors.  Your satisfaction is of utmost importance.  It is our goal to meet your needs, support the discipline of Family Medicine, and see our mission fulfilled.

With that in mind, I’d like to share some important updates with all of you:
1. There is a NEW timeline for the HDA project:  We have received many inquiries regarding the perceived concern that the time needed to complete an HDA has slowed.  However, the publication rate (sign-up to EIC approval) has actually shortened by more than 15% (from 13 months to 11 months) for the first 55 HDAs that have been submitted since July 1, 2015 and approved using the EMS (Editorial Management System).  What is vastly different now is that there is a MUCH longer time period in the beginning of the process when there is nothing needed from the author team.   Interestingly, the overall time is actually shortened because the latter part of the editorial process speeds up.  One of the main reasons for this is that we are no longer sending back the manuscript to the author team between peer review and Deputy Editor review.  Please review the NEW timeline HERE.  We encourage you to adjust your internal timelines in alignment with this new timeline so your author teams know what to expect.  We are training our second class of HDA Deputy Editors this summer to expedite the publication rate for you even further. 

2. Our applications for Medline indexing and PubMed Central are finally nearing completion:  We have met all of the basic requirements and have requested a review from an external expert.  Our plan is to submit our application to the National Library of Medicine later this year for consideration.

3. Our editorial leaders met at our 3rd Annual Editorial Summit to find ways to make our peer review process more effective and efficient:  Currently, we ask our member programs to complete at least as many peer reviews as they have HDAs and CIs in process.  (Example – If your program signs up for 6 HDAs and 1 CI, we expect that your program will complete at least 7 peer reviews before those manuscripts are approved for publication.)  We are always seeking more trusted peer reviewers (faculty who consider themselves experts in Family Medicine with an understanding of critical appraisal).  If this sounds like you, please register HERE.

If you haven’t completed the survey yet, we would be very grateful if you would consider doing so now.  It should only take 5 minutes or so.  If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to email us at membership@fpin.org or call me directly at our main office in Columbia, Missouri: 573-256-2066.

LuShawna Romeo
Executive Director

We are excited to announce that we will be awarding 10 Workshop Scholarships during the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • A full scholarship for an all-expense paid workshop (valued at $5500) will be granted to ONE residency program. Applications for this scholarship must be received by July 30, 2016. The scholarship recipient will be notified no later than August 30, 2016.
  • In addition, 9 residency programs will be awarded a $1000 scholarship that can be used towards the purchase of any workshop package of their choosing. Applications for these scholarships will be accepted until July 30, 2016.

Click HERE for more information and to apply for an FPIN workshop scholarship!

FPIN Institute

If you are looking for access to the FPIN Institute or the PURLs Journal Club, click here!

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