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Don't Forget to Add These Items to Your STFM Agenda! 

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the annual STFM conference next month in San Antonio, May 3-7, 2014! With so many educational sessions to choose from, we wanted to personally invite you to our sessions and/or to meet with us 1:1. 

Interested in learning more about the opportunity to contribute to the world medical literature through answering clinical questions that are relevant to practicing physicians?

Add to your conference agenda: Useful Scholarship: Writing Structured Evidence Reviews for Publication with The New Model Clinical Inquiries Series

Want to learn how you can build a sustainable system to meet the changing scholarly activity requirements? 

Add to your conference agenda: Step by Step: Building a Sustainable System for Your Scholarly Activity Requirement

Did you hear about the PURLs Journal Club at PDW/RPS and want to learn more? 

Add to your conference agenda: Journal Club in a Box Scholastic Poster Presentation: The Plug and Play PURLs Journal Club


We would also love to meet with you 1:1. Click Here to set up a meeting today! 

Conference Spotlight Series Week 10: Dr. Corey Lyon, FPIN Member

Dr. Lyon


2014 Conference Corner 

Conference Events


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Are you wanting to plan an FPIN onsite implementation workshop?

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The next time you think of a good clinical question, please submit it for approval with our online question submission form.  Even if you are unable to be the author, the network can benefit from your ideas.



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