Welcome to Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice is a monthly journal focused on topics relevant to the daily practice of family medicine. Each issue contains content addressing timely and pertinent questions related to patient care. Questions are phrased in a concise, clinically useful format and answers are provided with thorough research of the best available evidence. Evidence-Based Practice is created by primary care clinicians without industry support and its subscribers are part of a rapidly growing international community of physicians dedicated to continuing medical education and the concept of an evidence-based approach to family medicine by translating research into practice. This is the heart of Evidence-Based Practice.

What makes EBP so unique?

Evidence-Based Practice is dedicated to answering the questions our physicians see every day in their clinics. 

EBP Features include: 

  1. HelpDesk Answers
  2. Diving for PURLs
  3. Advances in Geriatrics
  4. Spotlight on Pharmacy
  5. Behavioral Health Matters
  6. Topics in Maternity Care
  7. Integrative Medicine
  8. Musculoskeletal Health
  9. EBM on the Wards
  10. EBPediatrics

EBP is indexed in the CINAHL Database

With over three million records dating back to 1960, CINAHL is one of the top three medical indexing databases in the country. The database provides a portal for nurses, allied health professionals, researchers, nurse educators and students to find the literature that impacts practice. To learn more about CINAHL, visit their website

Our Team

Evidence-Based Practice is composed of a group of physicians and editors working with authors across the country. This endeavor is spearheaded by our Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Jon Neher, MD. Dr. Neher has worked countless hours mentoring new authors and fine-tuning more experienced authors. Many talented physicians have developed their writing skill through Dr. Neher's editorial feedback. We are also under the leadership of our Editorial Board that guides the journal.