FPIN’s philosophy as an organization is to develop Family Physicians who possess strong EBM, critical appraisal, and writing skills. Our goal is for every FPIN author to begin sharpening these skills through the Good Evidence Matters (GEMs) project. The GEMs writing project is ideal for residents or faculty new to the critical appraisal and publication process. This project caters to authors that have some early experience in critical appraisal (such as through FPIN’s PURLs Journal Club) and can use this writing experience as a building block for authoring FPIN’s Help Desk Answers.

Who: The GEMs writing project is ideal for solo authors (residents or faculty) new to scholarly writing and looking to bolster their critical appraisal skills.

What: A GEM is a concise summary of a single, recent study. Participation also serves as a great first step for programs wanting to advance their scholarship program to include FPIN’s HelpDesk Answers. GEMs are peer-reviewed and disseminated nationally which positions them well to meet ACGME requirements.

Requirements for participation:

  • Membership package which includes GEMs access
  • One Local Editor (faculty) who agrees to review all GEMs manuscripts within our Editorial Management System before submission to the GEMs Deputy Editors.
  • Agreement to an annual production plan to determine the number and schedule of scholarship projects each year

Approximate Time Commitment: 10 hours per GEM (7 from the author, 3 from the local editor) over the span of 5-8 months.

For further questions, please contact the GEMs Project Manager at [email protected] or by phone at 573-256-2066.