Diving for PURLs

The PURLs Team decided in November of 2010 to begin publishing the PURL Discovery process through the Evidence-Based Practice series called Diving for PURLs.


Why this series?

Diving for PURLs  will provide you with a synopsis of important studies that may not meet all of our PURL criteria. However, it may still change your individual practice, or may be research studies that you hear about from patients or the media. We find about 1 in 5 studies we select for intensive review meet all criteria for a PURL.

Our Diving for PURLs group scours sources that covers a wide breadth of journals daily for useful research evidence, and we meet frequently to critically appraise and discuss studies that may meet our criteria to become a PURL. Some of the articles we review do not quite meet all of the PURL criteria but we still find them useful to our individual practices or helpful to support dialogue with our patients. Diving for PURLs is our attempt to share with you what we learn through this rigorous, continuous process.

 View an example of a Diving for PURLs article.