PURLs Journal Club

Priority Updates from the Research Literature (PURLs) articles can be used in a formal journal club setting. The PURLs Journal Club toolkit is a teaching tool that provides a structured method for helping faculty (even those who may not feel comfortable with bio-statistics or evidence-based medicine concepts) prepare for journal club.

Are you an FPIN Member? Find the monthly PURLs Journal Club toolkit HERE

A new journal club is released each month and includes:
1. Journal Club instructions
2. Speaker notes (including detailed teaching points)
3. Journal Club worksheets for participants
4. The published PURL article
5. "Potential PURL" article review form

Overall, the toolkit provides a structured journal club that assists in faculty development while at the same time keeping faculty and residents up-to-date with the medical literature. To receive a sample toolkit, click here.

Not a current FPIN member? Interested in an annual subscription to the PURLs Journal Club Premier for $750 per academic year, contact [email protected] for more information.