GEMs Program Requirements

FPIN programs interested in participating in the Good Evidence Matters (GEMs) writing project will need to meet the qualifications and requirements listed below. 


  • Must be a current FPIN member with GEMs writing benefits
  • Must have a GEMs Local Editor.


  • Commit to a 1-year plan of being a GEMs program.
  • Understand there is a limit to the number of GEMs your program can author. A GEMs program can only author the same number of GEMs as its largest class size (ie, an 8x8x8 program can author a maximum of 8 GEMs per year).
  • Adhere to the GEMs authorship policy. GEMs can be authored by ONE individual– which can be a resident or a faculty member. Faculty members are allowed to author a maximum of TWO GEMs.
  • Pledge that the GEMs Local Editor will review ALL authors’ work from their institution within FPIN’s Editorial Management System.

GEMs Local Editor: Role & Expectations

Each program must self-identify a person who can take on the integral function of GEMs Local Editor. Local Editors within this project are critical as they serve as the first reviewers of a GEM manuscript. Their role is to work with each author locally and provide feedback before it is submitted to FPIN’s editorial team for review.

GEMs Local Editor Skills:

  • Knowledge and expertise in critical appraisal and evidence-based medicine concepts.
  • Basic comfort level with technology in order to work within FPIN’s Editorial Management System
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to provide critical feedback in a constructive manner

GEMs Local Editor Responsibilities:

  • Leading GEMs scholarly work at their program.
    • Overseeing Faculty Mentors to ensure they provide the authors necessary support, do not serve as co-authors, and do not mentor more than four GEMs authors per academic year.
    • Managing due dates to meet the necessary deadlines or instructing authors to apply for a due date extension when needed.
    • Managing editorial capacity to ensure the correct number of proposals are submitted each quarter.
    • Serve as the main point of contact for the GEMs Project Manager.
  • Serving as the first editor to review the manuscript and provide revision recommendations before the manuscript is submitted to FPIN’s Deputy Editors.
  • Holding the role of manuscript liaison. Sharing Deputy Editor revision requests with the author and sharing author revisions with the Deputy Editor.
  • Ensuring the manuscripts submitted to FPIN have no plagiarism infractions.