EMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my username and password?

After you sign-up for an HDA question on the FPIN website an email will be sent to you. That email will contain your username and a link to access your password. If you have forgotten your username and password, click “Send Access Credentials” and that information will be emailed to you.

Why won't the EMS upload my manuscript/references?

Your manuscript must be uploaded into the EMS as a word document. Your references must be uploaded as a PDF. If you have uploaded these documents in the correct format and still experience problems contact [email protected].

How do I change or update my information?

Log into the EMS with your username and password and click on the link button located at the top-left of the page titled "Update my Information" to change any information about you.

How do I get the username and password to the EMS if I am a resident co-author?

Only a faculty corresponding author is allowed access to the EMS. If there are any changes you would like to make to your submission please communicate with your faculty corresponding author at your program.

Who should I contact to have additional co-author names added to my HDA draft?

You will be able to enter additional names of co-authors on your own when you are submitting your manuscript in the EMS. It is also important that you ensure your team of co-authors are listed in the order that you want on the manuscript you are submitting. Please review the written EMS Author Instructions for a step-by-step guide.

How do I make my resident co-author the First Author on my manuscript?

On the ‘Add/Edit/Remove Authors’ page during manuscript submission you will be able to add the number of co-authors to your draft. Keep in mind, you will always have to be corresponding author on the draft since you are the faculty.

If you would like to make your co-author the first author on the manuscript, simply hover on the blue bar located to the left of the person’s name. Then, drag the bar towards the top until the system recognizes that person as the first author.

How much time does it take to submit my manuscript?

The entire process should take about 5 to 10 minutes.

Where can I find the Author Disclosure form to be uploaded with my submission?

The author disclosure is now built into the EMS and does not need to be uploaded with the submission.  The Author Questionnaire Summary has replaced the author disclosure form.  The Corresponding Authors will complete the questionnaire when submitting the manuscript.  The co-authors will need to complete the questionnaire they receive by email.

How do I submit a deadline extension request?

After you have logged into the EMS, locate the submission you need to request an extension for. Then, click ‘Action Links’ and select ‘Send E-mail’. From the drop down menu, select ‘Author Requests Deadline Extension’ and click ‘Customize Letter’. Enter the reason for your extension in the letter body and click ‘Preview and Send’.

What should I do if I did not find an invitation for the question I signed up for in the EMS?

If this happens, please contact the HDA Project Manager at 573-256-2066 or [email protected]. An invitation can always be re-sent to the faculty corresponding author. We just need to know which question you signed up for!

How do I copy one or more of my co-authors in the email being sent through the EMS?

Unfortunately, any email communication from the EMS can only be sent to you as the faculty corresponding author. However, you are able to forward any email communication from the EMS to any of your co-authors.

This is because the system has been configured to only allow notifications or emails to be sent to the faculty corresponding author. Based on FPIN’s faculty corresponding author policy, it is the faculty corresponding author’s responsibility to relay all communication to resident co-authors.

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