Trashawn Britt Jr., Executive Administrator

[email protected]

What does Trashawn do for FPIN?

I am the Executive Administrator for FPIN, in this role, no two days are the same! It allows me to immerse myself in a variety of FPIN projects, from managing HelpDesk Answers (HDAs), social media planning, executive strategic planning, membership coordination, and everything in between! Being able to help others with evidence-based practice and improving healthcare are the parts I love the most about my role. It requires meticulous attention to detail and being able to handle the complexities of project management and administration. I enjoy how my role allows me to utilize my strong organizational and leadership skills to make a meaningful contribution in a way that allows me to do it with a smile.


Before joining FPIN, I held both Business Development Manager and Strategy Manager positions for industries in art, staffing, and economic development. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a double minor in Management Information Systems and Human Capital Management. I also recently obtained my MBA. I played college football which was where I shaped a lot of my strategy, teamwork, and leadership skills. I also endured a career-ending and life-threatening football injury that has led me to the healthcare industry to improve healthcare for others, so that they don’t have to go through what I did. My educational background and experiences in sports have given me the ability to shoot for the stars as I navigate my professional career.


One of the hobbies I enjoy the most is weightlifting! It’s great to continue to push yourself to do better than you were yesterday, and this is where I feel I can express that. I love to play sports in my free time like basketball, tennis, and golf (though I’m not very good). Cooking is something that I like to do and I’m always looking for new recipes and to try new things in the kitchen! Lastly, I love spending time with my partner and our dog Prince who loves long walks.

Unique Skills

My expertise lies in strategic planning and being an awesome teammate! Being able to critically strategize about the next steps and sharing ideas with others are where I believe all the best plans start. I love having fun while working hard and will always encourage others around me to be their best selves.

Fun Facts

I played Division I football and have been playing sports since I was 5 years old! After football and getting the famous lineman gut, I lost 100 pounds! Lastly, I met my college sweetheart after my first college football game.

What do you love most about FPIN?

What I love the most about FPIN is being a part of an organization that is contributing to the growth and improvement of medicine. Being in a community that genuinely cares about the impact that they make in this world is very rewarding. While we do work hard, we have each other’s backs and know how to have a great time together.

Favorite Netflix series or movie and why?

My favorite Netflix series is a show called New Amsterdam. It’s a medical drama that follows Dr. Max Goodwin who’s the Medical Director of the United States’ oldest public hospitals. He spends a lot of time in the show turning the hospital around and pushing boundaries to provide the best possible care to all patients. Max is one of my favorites because of his catchphrase which I feel embodies me as a person “How can I help?”. This catchphrase has slowly become my own and allows me to go into any situation looking to make a positive impact with a proactive and empathetic style.